Dr Harris is enrolled with NY Medicaid and Medicare!

If my name is on your card, then I am already listed as your PCP.  If it is not, then please call your insurance company first and if you are on a plan that requires that you elect a PCP (all Medicaid, most Medicare, most ACA Exchange “metal” plans) and you would like to be seen at this practice, please change your PCP FIRST. If you are on a plan that requires a PCP election, you can’t be seen before that happens. It usually just takes a few moments to make the switch.  Some of these plans are: 

Medicaid/Medicare Plans

Commercial Insurance? It's complicated...

Commercial insurance is complex and changes all the time. You need to be aware and on top of your own insurance. If they don’t cover the visit, you will get billed and then you will be angry, so you should make sure with THEM first. 

I’m unable to maintain a complete list of networks I am enrolled in at present, but your insurance should be able to tell you if you call them.

Also note: 

  • If you have out-of-network benefits you can be seen regardless of your plan (understand your plan first)
  • If you do NOT have out-of-network benefits and your insurance tells you I am out of network, you can be seen as a self-pay patient

 If your plan allows you to see out-of-network doctors or you have such a high deductible that you are unlikely to meet that threshold, then it will not matter if I am enrolled in your plan or not; however, you may be responsible for more of the cost of your care.  In the case of high deductible plans, these typically do cover certain preventive services without needing to meet the deductible, so you would need an in-network doctor to reap that benefit. Check your plan details to be sure.  It is your responsibility to know the terms of your particular insurance.  I am definitely Out of Network with United Healthcare Commercial Plans, including Oxford and NYSHIP. 

No insurance? Out of Network with a High Deductible Plan?

We offer discounted fees for uninsured and patients going out-of-network who pay at time of service (credit card or cash). In some cases, we can also work out a payment plan. See the fee schedule for details on self-pay pricing.