All memberships start with a minimum 3-month trial which includes an in-person wellness visit with 3 months of remote (telehealth/email/text/phone) follow-up included for $65/mo (billed at the end of each month). 

Repeat Monthly

You may then opt to continue membership on a month-to-month basis for $45/month.  In-person visits carry a $15 per visit fee. Cancel at any time. 

Membership Pricing for:

Self-pay / Uninsured / Out of Network

Dr. Harris is in network with *MANY* insurance plans, but if your plan is not currently contracted with the practice, you may obtain primary care services on a subscription basis.  This is in lieu of paying per-visit charges and is ONLY available to Out-of-Network and uninsured patients.  The practice is no longer offering discounted cash pricing for uninsured or out-of-network patients. Your insurance will still be used, as normal, to bill for any labs or to access specialty or ancillary services. This practice will NOT bill your insurance for services and, as a member, you will NOT be able to seek reimbursement for monthly membership fees from your insurance company. 

NOTE:  A membership is NOT health insurance and you are encouraged to obtain health coverage for your own safety and well-being. In New York, access the Health Insurance Marketplace at NY State of Health ( or seek out free or discounted care via the NYC Care Program ( or call 646-NYC-CARE).


Primary care is all about an on-going relationship with someone who knows you.  If you are on medication or have conditions that need on-going management, it’s best to have a primary care doctor who can keep tabs on your health between visits.  And if you have a question or just want a quick opinion, a membership ensures that you have the access you need when you need it. 

After the first 3 months, if you decide you don’t need or want the service, you can cancel. No questions asked.  Keep in mind, though, if you are not enrolled, primary care services will also cease. That includes refills, form completions, lab orders, and medical consultations. If you wish to re-enroll, you will need to start with a new 3-month trial. If the practice is full, you may not be able to re-join later. Re-enrollment is also subject to approval and is not automatic. 

Let us know right away about any changes in your insurance. Your membership will terminate and you will be refunded any membership fees on a pro-rated basis. Visits will be charged instead to your insurance and the normal co-pays and deductibles will apply. 

Outside of one annual in-person wellness visit, if you need to be seen for an illness or an on-going issue, state law currently requires that you pay an additional fee for that visit. The visit fee is $15.  Besides an annual flu shot (which is included), other vaccinations will carry a charge to cover the cost of the vaccination (currently, Hep B, Tdap, and Td are offered). You will be informed of any additional cost at the time of your visit. 

Absolutely not! If you have Medicaid, Medicare, or any commercial insurance that we are contracted with you will be treated using your normal insurance. You are actually specifically NOT allowed to pay for a membership. Just call the office and set up a new patient appointment instead. In the case of Medicaid and some Medicare Advantage plans, however, you do have to designate Dr. Harris as your PCP before you can be seen at this practice.  This membership is ONLY for patients who otherwise cannot use their insurance so that they can get the same great primary care as our Medicaid, Medicare, and in-network patients. 

Nope. Not in any way, shape, or form. Insurance is there to make sure that if something bad happens, you are covered. You need insurance. This membership gives you access to a primary care doctor you may not otherwise have. It does not provide you with emergency or urgent care services; it does not help you pay for medications or labs or specialty care or hospital care (which can be very expensive). It is not insurance and you should not hope that it can replace insurance. It can’t. Unless you are very wealthy, it is foolish to not have some kind of coverage for unforeseen medical expenses. 

  • Preventive care and routine screenings / Annual flu vaccines
  • Administration of non-flu vaccine (non-flu vaccination may incur additional charge for cost of the vaccination)
  • Primary care evaluation and management of disease
  • Medication management of chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, depression/anxiety, eczema, acne, etc.)
  • Care coordination / specialty coordination
  • Sick visits (in-person visits incur a visit fee)
  • Routine gynecologic care, contraceptive counseling and management of oral contraceptives
  • STI testing
  • PrEP management
  • Transgender/ gender dysphoria care
  • Pre-operative risk assessment
  • Phlebotomy
  • In-office procedures such as ear wax removal, abscess drainage, wound evaluation
  • Random medical questions/guidance/opinions

Mostly things that are otherwise covered by your insurance, like labs and medications.  If your insurance requires that referrals to specialists come from an in-network primary care doctor, then that may be an issue, so be sure to check your plan requirements.